How to Clear Your Aura with Selenite Crystal Sticks

How to Clear Your Aura with Selenite Crystal Sticks

If you've ever wondered how to clear your aura, try using a Selenite crystal stick. These stones are known for their ability to purify your energy field, but it's important to remember that they can dissolve in water. It's best to keep the crystal stick dry and un-wet to avoid discoloration. Once you've gotten used to using one, you can begin a self-massage by holding the wand over the top of your head and moving it down your body.

About Selenite Sticks

Selenite is an important crystal for cleansing and protection. The mineral is naturally energized and can be placed anywhere in a room or on jewellery to absorb negative energy. It also purifies and aligns the spine. The Selenite sticks vary in size from about 3” to 4” in about 1, 5, or 10 pieces. While they are commonly used for healing, they can also serve as accent pieces in your jewelry box. Because they don't need charging, you can use them without worrying about them harming other crystals.

Benefits of Selenite Sticks

Selenite is a powerful energy clearing stone. It helps remove negative energy and brings calming energies. It can be used for meditation or as an enlightenment tool. It helps dispel negative energy and protects against harm. This stone helps to bring mental clarity and calmness. It also cleanses and balances the energy in the body. It can be a valuable investment for anyone looking to clear negative energy and increase their self-esteem.

Selenite also works well with other specific energies. It can help you direct your energies and channel them. As a natural cleanser, it can assist in clearing other crystals. You can keep a Selenite stick under your pillow or on your dressing table for protection during the night. And if you're trying to get some restful sleep, it is the perfect companion to put under your pillow.

A Selenite stick can also be used as a personal protection stone. Its high vibration allows it to filter out negative energy and improve the quality of your life. Selenite is an excellent protection stone and helps to eliminate negative energy and boost your spirituality. It can be used as a smudge stick or in combination with a smudge stick. The use of a Selenite stone is often a symbol of the presence of God.

Selenite crystals can be used in various ways. The simplest technique involves placing this wand under the bare feet for fifteen minutes. The energy from the earth under your feet is the source of all energy. This will help you to reconnect with your spirit guides. This stick will give you peace of mind. The stone will also improve your spirituality. Selenite wand is a good choice for your home. It can be carried with you wherever you go.

Selenite is a self-cleaning crystal. It doesn't require any cleansing and does not need to be recharged. It is a powerful healing crystal that can keep your home free from negative energy and earthbound spirits. A Selenite stick can be used in conjunction with other stones. Selenite is particularly useful for contacting angels. They can also assist you in connecting with guides and angels. Regardless of what purpose you use it for, you will feel peace and harmony in your home.

The Selenite stick is a convenient way to use a Selenite crystal. A Selenite heart is a flat, long cut of a crystalline icicle. Using this wand is an excellent way to use the stone to clear and energize the energy of these chakras. You can also place it on your third eye to help you feel more at ease. Its heart shape will stimulate the higher chakras and help you establish a connection with your angelic realm.

In Conclusion

Unlike other stones, selenite is a non-toxic mineral that is easily absorbed by water. It will not affect water and will only protect you from harmful influences. When you use a selenite stick, you can also use it to clear energy from your home and surrounding areas. A selenite stick can be used in a variety of ways. If you are looking for a powerful crystal for healing, you can also place one on your windowsill.