3 Best Crystals to Attract Soulmate and Live Happily Ever After

3 Best Crystals to Attract Soulmate and Live Happily Ever After

Crystals are some of the oldest tools on the planet for healing and aid. No matter where you go or what you do, crystals can be found in some form or another. 

From ancient Mayan ruins to modern-day tourist shops, crystals are everywhere. If crystals are this prevalent throughout history and today's world, you may find yourself wondering what they're good for.

Crystals have been used in ancient cultures worldwide; crystals were even found buried with King Tutankhamun when his tomb was finally opened.  The Egyptians also used crystals to build statues of their Gods, which is why even today, we commonly refer to crystals as 'Gemstones.’

There is no better way to ensure that you're happy and attract the love you deserve than crystals when it comes to love and happiness. So, how do crystals work to help with your love and happiness?

How do crystals for love and happiness work?

Cleansing crystals work by helping your physical body get rid of any negative energy surrounding it. Often this is achieved through different meditation techniques or while simply sleeping at night (or napping during the day). Cleansing crystals are excellent for everyone but especially those who feel like they need a little bit of an extra edge in attracting their soulmate into their life.

The best crystals for all of these purposes are rose quartz, clear quartz, smoky quartz, amethyst, jade (and other green crystals) because they promote harmony, balance, peace, understanding. love., and happiness. It's also worth mentioning that crystals are often used in modern-day Feng Shui, which you can read more about by clicking here.

3 Best Crystals to Attract Soulmate

Let’s check the best three crystals for attraction that you can use to attract your soulmate and live heapliy ever after.

Rose quartz

Rose Quartz is not just a beautiful crystal, it's also one of the most effective soulmate stones. The first time you see or hold rose quartz in your hand it will give off this warm feeling that makes people want to comfort and protect me from all my worries; but there are other reasons too!

When someone wears Rose stone they become sensitive towards others' feelings which means empathy becomes their new normal state-of-being because when we feel what others go through (even if its negative), at least some part on an emotional level understands exactly where those feelings originated from since every person has experienced sadness before sometime during his/her life


Rhodonite is a stone that can help one find their soulmate and also create erotic feelings. The pink or red shades of this mineral open up the heart, allowing others in without judgment; by balancing emotions.

It's possible to stay calm when dealing with negative vibes from other people while loving them unconditionally because they are whole beings just seeking love too!.

Besides helping you locate someone special for life partner purposes Rhodnites has been known be effective at igniting passion between lovers which makes these tiny gems all the more valuable!

Green jade

If you feel that the search for a soulmate has been going on forever and still have not found what your heart desires, then this crystal might just be able to help. 

Green jade is known as an awesome attraction stone because it can attract good luck in life- whether love or harmony will come along with using one!

If someone wants protection from negative feelings while looking into finding their perfect match at home - all they need do is use green jade crystals too; these beautiful stones offer such traits alongside helping keep away any bad vibes coming from outside sources.

How to use crystal to attract soulmate?

Now it's time to learn how to use crystals for love and happiness. This is perhaps the most essential part of understanding crystals because crystals aren't magical or anything like that. Crystals are tools that help us achieve our goals when we put in the work with them.

Crystal to attract soulmate - Soothing Crystals

To start, you want to write down on a piece of paper what your goal is for attracting love into your life (super important). Think about why exactly you want this person in your life and what makes you feel so happy when thinking about them. Once you have this written down, hold the crystals in your hand and take a deep breath.

Exhale any negative energy or emotions surrounding this topic and continue to do so until you feel at peace with life. If you're looking for crystals that will help you achieve this, clear quartz crystals are perfect because they can be programmed with your intentions!

How can you program crystals for attraction?

Programming crystals happens by storing the crystals' positive energy into them to be used later on down the road.

To program crystals, all you have to do is think about exactly what it is that you want from those crystals and why, as well as how you plan on using this crystal going forward (if it's a necklace or earrings, where will these crystals sit? If it's a bracelet or ring, how often do you plan on wearing them? etc.).

The more detailed information you have, the better your crystals will work for you!

This is typically done by holding crystals in your hand or keeping crystals near where you sleep at night. Some people also choose to program their crystals with music because the vibrations of different notes conjure up other emotions within ourselves.

For example, playing a C note on an instrument may be considered happy and energizing, while playing an F will often lead to feelings of sadness or despair. It's just whatever works for you, so try out all sorts of crystals and note what results are being achieved!

Crystals for love and relationships work better with a friend

If this seems like too much work for one person to do on their own, try working with a friend who has similar goals as you. This way, the crystals only have to be programmed once, and then both of you can continue to use them as a reminder that happiness is right around the corner!

When it comes to crystals for love and happiness, few crystals are more powerful than rose quartz crystals. They're known for their ability not just to attract love into your life but also to heal yourself from any negative emotions blocking your path on this journey. Simply keep a single rose quartz crystal with you at all times (you can stick it in a pocket or purse) so that you never forget why exactly these crystals are being stored inside of your body.

Remember: sometimes we think things happen by accident, but more often than not, our lives work out exactly how they were supposed to. If you want to feel love and happiness in your life, all you have to do is work hard!