Soothing Crystals | Brand Story

As beings of infinite and boundless possibility, we are gifted with the ability to shape each aspect of our present and future. It is within us to heal the wounds of our past, set our sights on the horizon of the future, and find solace in the stillness of the present. Amid the chaos of daily life, however, connecting with our inner selves and the greater universe can prove challenging. In these moments, the ancient knowledge of crystals reveals their true power.

For Komal and Anshul Jaipuria, co-founders of Soothing Crystals, the healing properties of these sacred stones have inspired a deep fascination since their youth. In 2016, they embarked on a journey to share the transformative energy of crystals with others, leaving behind their conventional careers in graphic design and IT to offer high-quality, ethically-sourced crystals to collectors, artists, healers, and seekers from all walks of life.

At Soothing Crystals, we are committed to helping our customers find their own path to personal growth through crystals that honor Mother Earth. We understand that true spiritual alignment requires a deep connection to the physical world, and we’re conscious of the present challenges in the global crystal supply chain. We believe in the transformational power of crystals as energy conduits and are passionate about sharing high vibrations with our customers. We carefully select our crystals for their distinct properties, sourcing them from India, China, and Brazil through practices that are mindful of the environment and the people involved in the mining and production process.

Today, Soothing Crystals has grown into a trusted online collection of premium-quality crystals, semi-precious stones, jewelry, and healing kits infused with intention and positive energy. Recently, we celebrated welcoming our 50,000th customer, a testament to the trust and loyalty we have fostered within our community over the years. 

We invite you to join us on a cosmic journey of self-discovery with ethically-sourced crystals that empower you to write the next beautiful chapter of your story.